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ACBL: 1NT opening with a singleton

The following is generating a lot of discussion on another bridge site.  I'd apprecuate comments from folks who understand the ACBL regulatory structure.


While playing in a recent ACBL event, I encountered an opposing pair who used super accepts over a Jacoby transfer to systemically show a singleton.

The specific auction was

1NT – (P) – 2H – (P)


The 2NT bid was alerted as showing a singleton spade. The hand in question did, indeed, contain a singleton spade.  My understanding is that that it is illegal to have an agreement that a 1NT opening can show a singleton. (Deviations are fine). Moreover, as I understand matters, having systemic methods by which a singleton can be discovered constitute prima facie evidence that such an agreement exists.

I’d appreciate it if someone could clarify this matter.





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