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ACBL and USBF - A Proposed Schism

Item 152-120 (WBF dues) has been discussed in another thread that effectively eliminates the obligation for the ACBL to fund the WBF. 

I'm tired of the endless campaign by certain board members (think Tea Party::Obamacare) have against the WBF, but maybe there's another solution.

I'm also pretty miffed at some of the smaller spitballs that have been thrown at high-level bridge recently, such as 1) screen fees, 2) waiving entry fees for GNT's EXCEPT the open flight, 3) lowering masterpoint awards for multi-person teams (I don't mind this one), as well just a complete lack of concern for certain matters like properly organizing NABC+ pair events, and the deplorable conditions for Day 1 of some of the GNT's. In addition, its comical that a lot of BOD members want to make decisions about the legalization (or not) of conventional treatments they know nothing about and the scheduling of NABC events they have no intention of ever playing in. Last, I believe the USBF would embrace technology more than Horn Lake does.  

What if the USBF took over the administration of the three NABC's (all games) and benefited from the income? There would need to be a strong coordination effort with local volunteers, and the USBF would probably need some full-time employees to pull this off. Maybe if the revenue isn't enough the USBF could get a few regionals during their trials that could provide the needed funding. Presumably there would be an aligned masterpoint system, and the USBF would allocate ACBL directors. The ACBL can continue to administer the clubs, sectionals and most regionals. Online bridge I could go either way on, but selfishly I think it should be in the domain of the USBF, since limiting online play has been a target of the ACBL as well. The USBF would also administer the International Fund, and these games would continue. 

Maybe this is just a terrible idea, and there would be too much unwinding between the entities, but it seems to solve many of the problems that currently face us.   

What say you? 

Love it - please have a board member raise a motion to put together an exploratory committee asap
I think the idea has merit but would want to see some details before making a decision
No opinion / could go either way here
I don't like the idea in principle, but maybe there is a similar solution that exists
I don't like the idea at all - keep things the way they are
I don't like the idea because the USBF has no desire to get into the business of planning and running NABC's
My opinion doesn't reflect any of these choices, but I will kindly elaborate below

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