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ACBL Attendance Dropoff - 2016-2018

The following is purely factual, with no particular agenda is on my mind other than surprise, as the numbers speak for themselves (data for 2018 includes the first half of the calendar year, and is compared with the first half of 2016):


REGIONALS:  Total annual number of Regionals increases from 131 to 140, total table count decreases about 9% (This combination means about a 15% decrease in tables/tournament, on a par with STACs, below).


SECTIONALS: Total annual number of Sectionals drops very slightly, total table count decreases about 8%.


STACS: Total annual number of STACs stays almost exactly the same, total table count decreases about 15%.


It would be of interest to have DD's and/or "ACBL Official" chime in :)


(NOTE: In a corporate setting, with stockholders, this data would be usually be translated to "earnings per share", and the stock price would probably plummet quite dramatically.  I haven't researched the ACBL's financial bottom line for the years mentioned).


DISCLAIMER: I personally contributed 0.0 tables in 2016 and 2018; a client retained me for a single 10-day period in 2017, where I was personally responsible for about 5.0 tables, my grand total for the three years.

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