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ACBL BoD Providence Minutes

The Providence BoD minutes are out. No major news.

143-60: executive committee actions

  • Approving a "a significant increase of the cost of the Pension termination previously approved". This action is normal (actually, it's a good sign). So, why can't they publish the specific costs (original and new)?
  • On October 20, the executive committee voted that the Baker appeal would be moved to "appeals and charges" without review by the entire Board, but at Providence the board rescinded this action in a 10-9 vote with 6 abstentions

143-141: GNT B and C

  • motion failed that would have allowed multiple teams in the flight B and C GNT's.
  • Note: Shouldn't the ACBL first address the "GNT plate" issue: what to do with the teams that don't Q for the 2nd or 3rd day of the GNT?

143-26: Lifetime masterpoint lists

  • Lifetime masterpoint motion - listing online points NEXT to total points
  • Motion carried with 11 nays. The nays were districts 2, 3, 4, 8, 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 24, 25
  • But it's not clear from the minutes alone whether the nays preferred no distinction between online and other points or whether they preferred total exclusion of those points. Such is the nature of compromise!

143-70: fee increases

  • Tournament fee increases. The big one is the 5% TD fee increase.

143-87: hiring BoD members

  • Changing the rules to allow BoD members to be hired by Horn Lake. Motion deferred
  • Note: how can a BoD member effectively oversee Horn Lake's decisions while applying for a well-paid position at Horn Lake.

143-71: tweaking BoD free plays

  • Motion carried for the BoD to pay the $1.50 international fund surcharge when using their NABC+ free plays.

143-85: vulnerability inserts

  • The vulnerability inserts motion failed with only 2 yes votes

Memphis was approved for the Spring 2019 NABC

Horn Lake's take on the tech committee has been reported by Adam already.

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