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In case anyone hasn't heard, Paul Linxwiler has replaced Brent Manley as editor of the ACBL's Bridge Bulletin.  (For international readers, the Bridge Bulletin is a glossy magazine sent monthly to ACBL members who reside in North America.)  I believe Mr. Manley has retired.

As many will remember, years ago the Bulletin changed from its previous size of 5+1/4 x 8+3/16 inch to its current size of 8+3/8 x 10+1/2 inch.  For reference, The Bridge World is 5+1/2 x  8+1/2 inches.

 Now that we've all given the "new" size a fair trial, I'm curious about preferences.  If your answer isn't one of the choices below, feel free to abstain and make a comment.

I prefer the old, smaller size.
I prefer the new, bigger size.
Either size is fine with me.

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