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** This is not a platform for a discussion on the factual aspects of the  Covid-19 per se. Instead a discussion of  ideas to keep the ACBL healthy so that we might all,once again go back to our "normal" Bridge lives. For this purpose I have delineated a set of premises based on the current state of affairs in the USA. 



  1. Social Distancing and State Governmental action will force the closings of Bridge Clubs and stop all sectional, Regional and National Tournaments
  2. ACBL DEMOGRAPHICS: The ACBL has an aging demographic which will most likely be a smaller population when the run of the virus is complete
  3. Duplicate and Tournament Bridge is not in compliance with the  latest State and Federal Mandates for slowing and stopping the spread of Covid-19
  4. The  largest Profit centers of the ACBL are principally Sanctioned Club Games and Membership. On line games are also a considerable profit center 
  1. If membership revenues decrease what can be done?
  2. Should the ACBL suspend Club sanctioned games? Should the ACBL suspend sanctions for  all regional and sectional tournaments
  3. If Club games are suspended what happens to the club 0wners who have large rents and overheads?
  4. Club owners, teachers and Bridge Professionals will suffer economic loss during these times, is there a remedy?
  5. ACBL Employess: What will be the effect on the employees in Mississippi? Will they be paid during this time?
  6. ACBL Employees: What should be the approach? Can they work from home ?
  1. What is the responsibility we have to doing our part to comply with the "new" social norms presented by federal, state and local authorities?
  2. How do we fulfill "promoting" Bridge that is an integral part of our purpose?
  3. What is our responsibilty to our employees both full and part/time both economically and in regards to health , welfare etc.
  1. Can we greater utilize this? 
  2. World Bridge Productions offered (three years ago) to help find a solution? The overll reaction was bridge was a social game and players liked the feel of holding "real" cards and seeing their opponents
  3. In the temporary what should happen?
I am sure I have not done justice to a topic which transcends a few paragraphs. BUT the face of Bridge "as we know it" will certainly change over the coming months and the Socioi-economic effects could be everlasting if we do not find the answers to at least some of the questions.............
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