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ACBL Counsel Response on Forfeiture of Titles

I emailed Robert Hartman and ACBL counsel Linda Dunn, seeking an explanation for why there was no title forfeiture for the teammates of the expelled cheaters, other than as to the 2015 Spingold. [I also, at least in part, preliminarily advocated for a particular result, but my position is not relevant, at least to me, to this post.]

Ms. Dunn emailed me a response in an extremely timely manner, and then granted me permission (in an email) to post her response here: "Permission granted to use this version with hyperlinks (no ability to hyperlink to FORMER versions of CDR)."

I am unable to figure out how to cut and paste her email response with her hyperlinks, so, instead, I have copied the hyperlinks from her email to me, and pasted them below her email.  I am certain that I have accurately cut and pasted Ms. Dunn's email to me (consistent with the formatting available on this website, at least the formatting that I can access), and I hope I have correctly reflected the hyperlinks below the text of the email from Ms. Dunn to me.

"Mr. Bennett,

It is not our policy to comment or opine upon the details of disciplinary proceedings other than to provide the sections of the CDR found to have been violated and the discipline imposed (see Code of Disciplinary Regulations section 9.6 regarding the rules for publishing results of disciplinary cases). It is important that the privacy and reputations of ACBL members be protected while balancing that against the need for our members to be aware of actions that ACBL disciplinary bodies are taking.

Accordingly, I cannot share with you the reasoning employed by the A&C Committee. However, which may answer your specific question, I can refer you to CDR Section 4.1 which provides in pertinent part "[d]iscipline imposed shall be subject to ACBL rules and regulations in effect at the time during which incident(s) occurred which led to the discipline” and tell you that the CDR in effect at that time required that teammates forfeit titles and masterpoints won in events in which the offense(s) occurred (CDR section 4.1.8(c)). Please see the July 26 and July 28, 2016 Daily Bulletin in which articles reported that the EOC made findings of guilt in the 2015 Spingold finals.

I would encourage you and other ACBL members who are interested in disciplinary matters to take a look at the CDR, which governs these matters -- and which will often provide the answers that you are seeking. It is available on the ACBL website. If I can assist you further, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Linda Dunn

In-House Counsel"




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