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ACBL finally defines "collusive cheating"

My research indicates that in July 2009 by motion 092-05 (p. 22 of the link), the ACBL Board of Directors (“BoD”) added the following provision to the Code of Disciplinary Regulations (“CDR”). “Any participant(s) in an ACBL sanctioned event convicted of premeditated or collusive cheating or any participant who admits to such action or actions shall forfeit all masterpoints, titles and ACBL status ranks or other ACBL related awards theretofore earned by said participants through participation in all ACBL events.”

If I’m reading the Board of Governors’ summary (unnumbered p. 15 of linked document) of recent actions by the BoD correctly, in July 2019 the BoD has added the following definition of “collusive cheating” to the CDR by passing motion 192-06: “An agreement made between two or more people, at least one of whom is a contestant, to exchange or pass information illicitly. This section includes agreements made by persons who are not partners or contestants, including, but not limited to kibitzers or teammates.”

As someone who has questioned the lack of a definition before, I’m glad to see this omission has been corrected.

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