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ACBL GNT and NAP competitions -- time for reform/renewal?

Peg Kaplan's article "Equity?" raises important questions about the Grand National Teams competition.  Comments on that article broaden the discussion.  Ledt's take it one step further.


My Unit President calls the GNT the "US Open" of ACBL Team competition. In terms of local, sometimes Unit, and then Regional competition before your team can reach the "Big Time," this is correct.

In terms of multiple brackets, it's correct only for the Open bracket (and even then the Open GNT winner has neither all the prestige nor all the perks of the Vanderbilt/Spingold/Reisinger winners, so how can GNT be called a "Major" competition?).

Likewise, Unit President calls the NAP the "US Open" of ACBL Pairs competition -- same points on its correctness and incorrectness.

If you were thinking of Golf or Tennis when you read "US Open," that's understandable. For Chess, the US Open is entirely different. There's no qualification, just show up and pay your entry fee. The winner has a prestige title, and usually (if a USA player) an invitation to compete in the US Closed Championship against those otherwise qualified to compete in that even-more-prestigious event, which is occasionally the qualifier for the competitions leading to the World Championship -- analogous to the United States Bridge Federations's US Bridge Championships, where winners qualify for World Title competitions like the Bermuda Bowl.

The US Chess Open is a huge tournament, because in part that it pays prizes for competitors on lower levels -- and because it also has a large collection of other competitions at the same time and place, and even meetings of governing bodies  (sort of like an NABC). See if you're interested in comparing USChess to ACBL (note also the huge array of youth/scholastic events -- at least one nationwide "mind sports" organization knows how to succeed at getting elementary, middle, and high school-age players involved).

So ... if you were Monarch for a Month of the ACBL, how would you decree the reorganization of the GNT and NAP to properly recognize and reward winning competitors at all levels, and bring appropriate prestige to the events?

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