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ACBL Instant Matchpoint Game -- E/W Scoring Bias?

My partner and I participated in yesterday's 33rd Annual ACBL-Wide "Instant Matchpoint Game" and enjoyed the event, the costumes at our local club and the booklet and commentary provided to the participants. At our Club, the event was well managed and all went well.

We noticed however that the hypothetical E/W matchpoint scores for the event seemed more generous than expected and the opposite seemed true for the N/S field. When we matchpointed the scores at our local Club by using actual table results at our Club vs. the event matchpoint table provided, the N/S scores were about 10% higher than the event scores and the E/W scores lower by a similar amount.

Just curious if anyone else had a similar impression. Setting the hypothetical matchpoints is for sure a difficult process and our sample size is small (two sections, about 25 tables), but the difference seemed material. Thoughts?

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