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ACBL Lifetime Masterpoint Lists

The following motion was approved at the Las Vegas ACBL Board of Governors meeting. It has been sent to the ACBL Board of Directors who will vote on it during the Fall meetings in Providence, RI. If you wish to share your opinion, you can reach the entire 25 member ACBL Board of Directors at:


ACBL Board of Governors’ meeting – Sunday, July 20, 2014 – Las Vegas, NV


1. For all ACBL lifetime masterpoint lists, points won online be separated from points won face-to-face. There would be two categories of lifetime lists: Online points and face-to-face points. This would apply to the ACBL Lifetime Top 500, Canadian Top 100, Mexico Top 50, Bermuda Top 25 and any other ACBL lifetime lists.

Moved by Jonathan Steinberg – District 2.

Seconded and carried with an overwhelming majority.

Effective Date: immediately


Lifetime masterpoint lists would no longer combine face-to-face and online points. This would be consistent with the current ACBL yearly masterpoint lists. The yearly Top 500 is restricted to face-to-face play, the yearly Richmond Trophy race is restricted to CBF members and face-to-face play, the yearly Online masterpoint list is restricted to online play.

As was discussed during the Board of Governors meeting, the above motion would not remove any points previously won, but rather all masterpoints would be reclassified. ie. moved from the current lifetime list which combines face-to-face & online points, to separate lists restricted to either online or face-to-face points. This change must be "retroactive" or it would defeat the purpose of the motion which is to separate lifetime online points won from face-to-face points won. We should not mix oil and water.

Creating two separate lists would preserve the integrity of ACBL history, separate two different variations of the game, and at the same time create a new Lifetime Online Masterpoint list to which players can aspire to. Indeed, it would be a fairer competition given that face-to-face bridge has been ongoing for more than 75 years while online bridge play has been with us for perhaps just one decade. We should rank and compare apples with apples, not apples and oranges.

The above motion was overwhelmingly approved by the Board of Governors.

NOTE: There would be no change to anyone's current ACBL rank nor anyone's eligibility to play in restricted events. The ACBL formulas for combining online points with face-to-face points for the purposes of various rank changes, for seeding in KO's, etc. would not change. This motion only pertains to lifetime masterpoint lists.

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