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ACBL Losing Millions

The bleeding never stops... under the leadership of Robert Hartman, the ACBL lost between 1 and 2 Million dollars on the ACBL Score fiasco.  The CEO was rewarded with large pay increases every year and in Hawaii last November our former CEO was elected by the ACBL Board to be one of ACBL's 5 representatives to the Executive Council of the WBF.

The horrendous contract the ACBL signed for the Hawaii NABC appears to have cost the ACBL more than $500,000 (an unofficial source told me it is closer to $750,000) as a result of not meeting its room block commitment.

Several years ago the ACBL negotiated an agreement that led to the resignation of former ACBL Board member Bruce Blakely.  Under CEO Robert Hartman and the late League Counsel Peter Rank a contract was signed that gave Mr. Blakely certain privileges working on ACBL at Sea Regional cruises.  I don't know all the details but apparently the contract was alleged to have been broken that led to ongoing lawsuits against the League.  Unconfirmed sources are now reporting that a "settlement" has been reached that will cost the ACBL ballpark $500,000.

With much fanfare, the ACBL hired Bahar Gidwani as the CEO to replace Robert Hartman.  A three year contract that paid ballpark $300,000 a year.  Less than one year into his contract, he was terminated, allegedly "for cause".  Unconfirmed sources are now reporting that the ACBL & Bahar went to binding arbitration.  The ACBL lost.  The numbers I am hearing is that the ACBL must pay him ballpark $750,000.

What staggering incompetence over the last decade.  Poor contracts, poor legal advice, millions down the tube.

But the 25 member political ACBL Board of Directors soldiers on with three all expenses paid meetings per year (including the Hawaii junket) while the membership has to pay the bills.  The Las Vegas NABC will feature $20 entry fees for Regional events per player per session while NABC events will be $30 per player per session plus more when screens are being used.

Can bankruptcy be far behind?

Note: More than 6 hours ago, I sent an e-mail to ACBL CEO Joe Jones and 2019 ACBL President Russ Jones asking if the above rumours were accurate.  They have not responded.  An anonymous ACBL Board member has told me my numbers are "close".

UPDATE: From ACBL President Russ Jones received early Friday morning: "Neither case is final and cannot discuss until settled. Any payments made will be in the updated financial statements in Memphis."

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