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ACBL Nationals Start times

A copy of this open letter was also sent via email to ACBL CEO



Executive team and the Board of Directors

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I posted a poll on Bridgewinners asking players to vote whether they would like to change the Nationals start time. See link below

Three options were listed and their results as of today;

• Change to 10:30 and 15:30 – 58% voted in favour of these start times• Change to “some other time” – 5% voted in favour of changing it. The most suggested times were 11:00 and 16:00• Keep the start times as they are now – 37%

There were also 57 abstentions. I asked few of the players who abstained for their reason not to vote and the answer was “I do not care one way or the other”.

So, the first two options (Change) have garnered almost 60% support without including the players who abstained. These results show clearly that the majority of the players want the start times to change.

There were valid concerns raised if the new start times are adopted. The main one was finding reasonably priced food between sessions. Toronto (inedible sandwiches provided by the organisers were some of the comments), Vegas (same as Reno. Having to endure walking through smoking areas all over to get expensive sandwiches) etc. This, I believe, is something the ACBL should be able to address easily.

The argument for change focused on one main major issue. We all love bridge and want to compete and enjoy playing it. I have always said that bridge is “my insurance against old age” but, having to start at 13:00, rush to dinner and then try to focus and enjoy playing from 19:30 till midnight is more of a way to get older faster than enjoyment. It is a strain and it makes “the next morning” another short break to have breakfast and relax for a very short while over coffee before having to make it to the game by 12:30 latest.

Nationals start times have been quoted by many as the main reason for not attending. It makes for a VERY LONG TIRING day and night that takes away our enjoyment of the game and the social aspect of it that follows the game.

It is my hope that the ACBL will take this poll into serious consideration and consider changing the Nationals as soon as possible to the start times that 60% of the players who voted have asked for.



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