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ACBL Players, GCC Compliant?

So the other night, I was playing in a club game using a forcing club system with a new partner. I always play partner's system.

And his included: 1MAJ - 2x (x<MAJ) = NF (generally <9); 1MAJ - 1NT = 9+ forcing.

So for those of you who live and play in that special level of hell known as GCC, what is your opinion? Or perhaps interpretation is a better word.

1NT Forcing is . . . 

(I think this is a better question for BBO forums, but I spend all my bridge forum time over here these days. I know I could look this up and attempt to navigate the labrynth that is GCC myself, but I wanted to crowd source the answer.)

GCC compliant whatever it shows.
GCC compliant, but not if it absolutely forces game.
GCC compliant as used in a forcing club setting, but not in a standard setting.
I'm not sure.
2/1 non-forcing is non GCC Compliant.
I don't know and GCC does not seem to address this clearly one way or the other.
Who cares what GCC demands. The more we abuse it, the sooner it will be consigned to the trash heap of history.

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