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ACBL Privacy Policy and Unit Directories

This is, to some degree, a continuation of Kevin Lane's post entitled "The new ACBL data policy", Nov. 28, 2014


This sentence came in an email from the ACBL that was dated December 31, 2014:

Districts and units will need a designated electronic contact in order to obtain Member information, and he or she must follow the Terms of Use shown at This electronic contact will be the only person who may download or receive Members' personal information.

If you follow the link, you find this (cropped): 

     Unit Approved Use:

     Publishing of a directory of members (only with individual member’s consent)  


My unit board has discussed this extensively, and we don't know how to get consent. We are concerned that:

  • Email won't work for a lot of people -- many of our players are not of the computer generation
  • Our website doesn't get a lot of traffic so an announcement w/ form won't be very effective
  • Snail mail is a lot of work, and expensive, and (we think) won't get that many responses
  • Making phone calls to 1400 members is not feasible
  • Setting out forms at the tournaments and clubs won't catch everybody
  • Re-inputting data that the ACBL has already collected is a waste of time and effort

We want to publish the directory. All our experience suggests that it's a very useful item. But we're stuck ...

A couple of people have floated the idea that people who were listed in previous directories are "grandfathered" in.


What are other units (or districts) doing here?




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