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A recorder (someone authority-like) pulls me away and tell me that I need to improve my demeanor and that I am always a problem or else they would have to report me to a committee.

On 24th afternoon, the director who came to our table several times said to me:

“You are sloppy.”

“You play bad bridge.”

“you are argumentative.”

I was penalized by 2 imps for my demeanor.

This is all subjective. It was not the opps, but it was a senior director, who was the problem. I have been representing thousands of top engineering alumni from India networking to establish faculty and student exchange programs with top American Universities. I never needed to demand respect. I am only responsible for my behavior. If someone is off-track, it is okay.

During the time, the director caused such an upheaval that my partner could not find her cc, which was right in front of her. I did not have a separate cc. The director punished us not to play any conventions. As soon as the director left, my partner found her cc. I asked the director if we could play with that. She agreed.

I suffer from extreme anxiety and panic attacks. I am told that one of these days my panic attack will be the last one. At one point in time, I became so nervous that my hands were shaking and I asked to go take a pill from the bag at our home table. The director ordered me to finish the hand. I was in no condition to finish. I needed my med. I walked there to get it, but I was disoriented and could not find water. I asked my partner if she would get me water. She did. While taking my pill with water, I spilled some water on my side. I was ordered to clean it up. I pulled my cards away and said, it would be okay. Here all others acted below human dignity and no one helped me when I was falling apart. I cleaned a little. That was not enough. Then the director brought a paper napkin. I cleaned it. That was not enough. That is when (I think) the director dried the moisture.

Why can’t a director come to the table, try to understand the problem, take a decision and leave? Why does she need to pass judgments or make loose comments?

How do I improve my demeanor? Won’t it be better for a director to come to my table with a recording device and record the conversation? Would ACBL allow me to do the recording?

The previous day, someone’s phone rang. He was warned. When my phone rang a couple of times, I was penalized with 5 or so imps. Why were we treated differently?

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