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ACBL Score Deja Vu

I just received a survey asking me if I trust my WiFi connection at the duplicate club -- enough to set up the game via the Internet.

My answer is no, no, no.  Even my home connection goes out every once in a while.  Clubs from smaller towns are nomadic.  They roam from church to retirement home, to run down Senior Citizen shacks -- where ever they can get free rent.  They don't always have Internet access, and they don't want to make any trouble with the land lord, or they'll wear out their welcome.  Requiring even one of these clubs to use the Internet is too many, but I suspect there are hundreds of clubs in the same boat.

Has the technology committee ever had to manually enter 50 travelers into ACBLScore at the end of the game while everyone watches waiting for results? Speed is of the essence.  Have they ever tried to direct, play, and enter names into the ACBLScore, all at the same time?  We do it, but it's not easy.

How can they even think that a small local club without bridge mates would even consider running ACBLScore on an Android phone?  It sounds nuts to me, and I'm very annoyed.

I hear the Big City Slickers talking about automated seeding of Knock Outs, and how they need view screens for Swiss. And somehow this justifies putting ACBLScore on the net.  Why would we do that? How about us poor country folk?  Our eye sight is wearing out and all we care about is how fast we can type at critical junctures in the game.  Believe it or not, there still are Internet connections that are notoriously slow, and filled with ads.  Just go to a 2 star hotel and you'll see for yourself.  I know the net is all the big rage these days, but if ever an app was meant to run standalone on a computer, it would be ACBLScore.

If technology Gurus don't change their attitude,  the next round of ACBLScore development will be just like the first.  A tribute to the technology of tomorrow and a big disappointment.







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