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ACBL SCREEN TAX is comimg to a tournament near you!

Has the ACBL finally lost it, Or have they just decided that the reward for doing well is extra financial burden.

Taxing players for using screens in national events? at the rate of $20 a pair /session was passed unanimously.

I think the Board of Directors has finally decided that instead of trying to raise the level of bridge in the League all they want to do is lower it to the lowest common denominator.

...Lets have more players getting points in 0-750 who are ill equipped to ever play in an open event.

lets have more expenses for the BOD hospitality suite, and lets charge anyone who gets to the last day of the Platinum pairs for the temerity to show ability.

Enough is Enough.

Its time to vote with our feet, we try to give back so much to the game by running programmes and lessons and basically free lessons including learn bridge in a day and this is what we get back, extra fees for doing well.

 According to the published financial records we have 7.5 million dollars in the bank that is after wasting 1.5 million on an ill advised acbl score revamp.

but they need money for screens?


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