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ACBL Sectionals after November 2018 - convention charts used

The ACBL Sectionals in my unit have been frequently running single session morning and afternoon events on Friday and Saturday (open and 299ers flighted - separate events and sections - for all four pair sessions), with a typical stratified A/B/C Swiss on Sunday. Allowed conventions have been via the General Convention Chart.

Now we need to decide (if there is any decision at all to make) what convention chart will be in use for our 2019 ACBL Sectionals.

From the new ACBL Convention Charts to be effective in Novemeber 2018:

"The Open and Open+ Charts are intended for events with no masterpoint limits (or high limits). In contrast to the Basic and Basic+ Charts, methods are generally allowed unless they are expressly prohibited within the Chart.

Chart Usage - Tournaments - Pair Events and non-KO Team Events

1.  Basic Chart: Applies in any event where the upper limit per player is 750 or less.

2.  Basic+ Chart: Applies in any event where the upper limit per player is 3000 or less.

*** 3.  Open Chart at a Sectional: applies in any event with no masterpoint limit, and any event with a masterpoint limit above 3000." ***


(a)  Is it locked in stone from the wording above that all sectional tournaments which are open must use the Open chart?  Can a Unit restrict it further with the Basic Plus chart and properly advertise that fact well ahead of time in their documentation/promotion materials?

(b)  Is it locked in stone that the 299ers be governed by the Basic chart?  Can a Unit allow the Basic Plus chart to be used for 299er sectional events?

(c)  A quick question somewhat related.  Does an ACBL club have to allow Open chart conventions in North American Pair (NAP) qualifiers?

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