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ACBL STaC Sanction Fee

As you may (or redundantly, may not) know, the routing of sanction fees in a STaC event is a little different than in other events. Participating clubs send the sanction fee established by the SO ("Sponsoring Organization") to the SO, who is then responsible for sending the ACBL-prescribed sanction fee to the ACBL. The SO pockets the difference as profit. SOs can theoretically charge whatever they want as a sanction fee, and there appears to be a wide range among SOs I have sampled.

If you have been involved in an SO of a STaC or a club manager who has paid a STaC sanction fee, what is it? To be clear, I'm not talking about the entry fee required to play in a STaC game, just the sanction fee paid by the club to the SO.

$9 or higher

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