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ACBL Taking Over Online Entries

The upcoming Summer NABC in Atlanta will bethe last NABC at which Bridge Winners will be providing online entries. Under the leadership of its new CEO, Bahar Gidwani, the ACBLhas begun updating its entry-selling processes. At the last two NABCs and at regionals around the country the ACBL has implemented a system to accept credit cards for entry purchase. Andstarting in the Fall the ACBL plans to continue its expansion andsell entries online.

Bridge Winners first started selling entries at the 2013 Fall NABC in Phoenix. We always knew that someday the ACBL would update its systems to the point that it could sell entries online, but with the issues surrounding ACBLscore, that day looked far off in 2013, and frankly we were just tired of waiting in the long lines that had become a staple of national tournaments. The ACBL was understandably wary of having someone else selling entries to its events, but it agreed to partner with us and supported our efforts to improve and expand the service. The ACBL's administrators and Tournament Directors have worked hard behind the scenes to make the integrationof our systems smooth and make the experience for the players as enjoyable as possible.

It has been a pleasure working with the ACBLthe past 5 years, and we wish them well on this endeavor. We're happy to pass the entry-selling baton to them and focus our energy on improving the site and adding new features and products. Thanks to the players who have used the service and made it a success.

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