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ACBL - Time to add new GLM Ranks?

Currently there is only one rank in the ACBL that cannot be achieved with masterpoints alone: Grand Life Master. It is the goal that I think many of us strive for and hope to achieve someday. There is also a lot of debate about the rank, eligibility, etc. For example, I've heard people say here many times that restricted events (women's/mixed/seniors) shouldn't count. I've also heard people who are GLM eligible because of a mixed pairs win refer to the mixed pairs as "not a real event" and that it "shouldn't count".

However, there seems to be general unwillingness to do away with restricted events and the reward associated. That makes some sense: after all, a women's pairs might provide a different environment than an open event. For some, it might be a gateway to starting NABC+ events in a place where sexist comments are less prevalent. Without the win counting for something, the appeal disappears for many.

On the flipside, counting a win in a 3 section women's only event where men aren't even allowed to enter or doing well in the Canadian Women's Teams Trials hardly seems on the same level as winning an Open event like the Silodor which has many of the best and brightest competing.

Rather than debating about whether it should or shouldn't count, what about a different approach? What if the ACBL added an additional grand life master rank? Those who achieve GLM status via a restricted event can still become GLMs which is an accomplishment and worth celebrating. Those who win an unrestricted NABC+ event would achieve this higher rank and those who won the restricted event would also then still have something to strive for.

The name isn't important. One idea might be World Grand Life Master, but I'm sure people can think of a better one. The idea, however, I think might be worth considering. Rather than debating whether certain events that are restricted by age or gender should count, we can instead celebrate the achievement while still acknowledging that it was not an event that was open for everyone to compete.

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