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ACBL's Bridge Bulletin Columnist: A Change of Pace

For quite some time, Karen Walker's excellent "Bidding Matters" columns in the ACBL Bridge Bulletin have been favorites for a number of readers -- dealing for the most part with "Effective Bidding Habits."

In the last two issues, she has added a curve ball to her delivery -- "Table Presence."

(Not that any BW reader doesn't embrace the focus. We are of course masters of the magical use of reverse table presence tells, and we don't mind if the typical player picks up some "useful" ideas.)

I find it a bit odd that such a column (more to come) has been deemed appropriate by the Bulletin's editorial strategy shift of "catering" to today's less experienced players.

Apart from that -- when you have a fair amount of free time -- check out the following 6-year old link to "Table Feel" -- expertly posted and hosted by Andrew Gumperz. A BW classic.

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