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ACBL's incorporation of Law 12C1(c) effective 01 January 2016


Regarding Law 12C1(c) for using weighted averages which the ACBL is now using effective 01 January 2016:

The 2015 Chicago (Summer) NABC ACBL Board of Directors minutes states the following motion passed:

"ACBL revokes it’s election of 12C1(e) in the Laws of Duplicate Bridge.  Effective January 1, 2016"

Therefore, in ACBL law books, the first listed "Elections by The ACBL Board of Directors" which says "The provisions of Law 12C1(e) apply for ACBL sanctioned events, while the provisions of Law 12C1(c) shall not apply for ACBL sanctioned events" is no longer true, nor is the footnote on page 17 which states "For ACBL sanctioned events, 12C1(c) does not apply and 12C1(e) does apply (see Elections 1, p. 136)" which also is no longer true.

Since I don't expect law books to be changed (since we are so close to the new revision of the laws perhaps in a few years), a good time to make a notation in your copy of the law book if you are an ACBL member.  (Although there is very little reason why the electronic copy pdf file on the ACBL website cannot be changed.)

The 2014 Las Vegas (Summer) NABC ACBL Laws Commission meeting minutes indicated a desire for misinformation and unauthorized information situations to use Law 12C1(c) and that claims and logical alternative rulings should not use Law 12C1(c).  That is about all I could find in any ACBL information about when and for which situations Law 12C1(c) should be used.  Everything else I could find for information is outside the ACBL (EBU and ABF information I found very helpful).

Can we expect ACBL to put something out before the Spring NABC in Reno for some guidance and examples for using Law 12C1(c)?  I am sure experienced tournament directors who have not used this law down to sectional and local club directors could use some information and examples.  (Adding this as a new topic in the Rulings FAQ,, would be very appropriate.)

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