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ACBLscore+ Reviewers

Following up from other articles, I've created an on-line version of ACBLscore+, let me call it OldScore+ to avoid any trademark issues with ACBL.

I will send login details and passwords to Kevin, Larry, Ed, Adam (see previous thread for last names). I will also send details to Greg and Jay Whipple.

See description at for more details. (This is available to everyone).

I've stated that ACBLscore+ was ready for a very limited release to 2-3 TDs to start testing the KO, but it needed about 4-5 days of work. This version has had about 4-5 hours of work. It's not what I consider to be a proper release; there are a few bugs. I haven't looked at this code for several months. The Internet connection where I am at is very slow, so there has been minimal testing. Anyways, enough complaining.

If you are interested in being a reviewer, let me know. The more vocal a critic you have been, the more likely I am to let you have access. I am not going to open access to all.

For bugs/comments etc. please direct them towards me, not this forum. I'm sure that no-one would be interested in hearing every bug/comment. What would be useful would be a general comment about what you think of the code/design/style etc.

It's going be to difficult for you to put an estimate on how much remains to be done. I'm not giving access to the source code.

Remember: I'm not claiming this is finished. I'm claiming that the KO was close to ready for release to TDs so that they could start running in parallel with ACBLscore at tournaments and then transition off running ACBLscore. Other parts were close, some closer than others but not obvious from the UI code.

It should be clear that the UI is in need of feedback from the users - i.e. TDs, CDs. This is where we were...

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