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Active Ethics in the 0-2500 KO

On Wed, July 24, after playing myself out of a KO, I had the evening session off.  One of the juniors I mentor had a nice write-up in the bulletin and was playing in the 0-2500.  I decided to kibitz.  It turned out he was out that segment, but his team had two other very young players and I sat behind a 10 year old kid and kibitzed.  After about 4 deals, I realized that my presence might be unnerving him, so I left to watch another table, but I witnessed some exemplary behaviour from his opposition during those four deals.


I'm embarrassed to admit that I did not get the name of his opponents.   They were a middle aged mixed pair playing precision with some relays and were a member of one of these teams (it was a 3-way match):

Robin Elliott - Sally Ann Rhea - Gregory Newcomb, Boulder CO;Daphne Davenport, Broomfield CO


Rachael Gosling - John F.W. Glynn, Paget Bermuda; StephanJuliusburger, Miami FL; Kevin Comeau, Oakville ON


The player I was watching was having a hard time keeping still in his seat.  He was 10 after all, and it is hard to play 24 hands in a row for an adult, let alone someone so young.  He was holding his cards in such a way that the player to his left would have had to try very hard to not see them.  

In the hands I watched, the player who could have seen the cards misguessed a couple of things.  So he either didn't look, or he viewed it as UI.  Either way, I was very impressed of the level of active ethics that took place in the 0-2500 event.  When playing against a young and inexperienced player, he did not take advantage of the physical limitations of his opponent. 

Additionally, there was a hand where the precision pair had a misunderstanding.  The opposing pair didn't ask any questions about what declarer thought his auction had meant.  The declarer (the same player referenced earlier) stopped the play prior to the opening lead in order to make sure the opponents understood all relevant inferences.  

I'm not sure which of the players listed above it was who did these things, but I wish I took the time to say a kind word to him after the match.  Since I failed to do so, I'm saying it here.  

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