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Active Ethics- is it 'natural'?

There have been a number of posts about ethics recently.  Firstly, without looking up a dictionary I would surmise that ethics is a code of behaviour that is accepted as customary within a certain society or group, or sub-group.  So in bridge, the ethics practised in high level competition might vary considerably from the ethics practised in your local club game.  But, does that give the ethics practised in high level competition any greater validity? Who is to say that the code of conduct practised by the elite has greater validity than that practised by the masses?  In particular, why is 'active ethics' so great?  The very fact that it is promulgated with such zeal by the true believers implies that it is perhaps not 'normal' behaviour.  In fact, 'active ethics' can be a right pain in the posterior, having to listen at length to the complete nuances of some well-meaning guy's spiel --SNORE!   And in fact, it can have the undesirable effect of creating unnecessary confusion, as in the Wagar Cup when Levetina, I think it was, offered some well-meant advice (active ethics in practice?) which subsequently went against her in the appeals process.  Particularly at club level I would like to see the concept of Active Ethics rolled back a bit- you give a reasonable explanation of the auction and if someone wants to pursue it further they can do so.  Don't bore me with your interminable spiel!

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