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Active Ethics; System Pre-Alerts

Yu and I play a homegrown forcing club system (16+ unbalanced with good suits, 17+ otherwise) with POS x-fer responses (1 - 1 = 8+ HCP (or equivalent), 4+s, etc.).

We both are more comfortable with the ethics of a pre-alert when we sit down at the table and generally we say something like "We play a strong club, 2 diamonds Flannery and honor leads are asking not showing." Some players are interested, others wave us off. Of those that wave us off there are two categories: (a) Those that have no idea how to defend against these methods and can't be bothered with such complications and (b) those that think they already know how to defend against these methods.

In the latter category are players that sometimes end up surprised that 1 - 1 is not our negative or that 1 - 1 shows s rather than s.

We use our methods because we think they are superior, not in an effort to launch a "surprise attack."

What are our obligations (or if you will, suggested best practices) if we strive to be actively ethical players?

Don't play any unusual methods at all at clubs. Players just want to pass time or have fun, not seriously compete.
Your current, abbreviated, pre-alert announcements are both sufficient and required if you consider yourselves actively ethical players..
There is no need to pre-alert anything as long as your convention card is clear and complete.
Pre-alert for a club game, but at regional rated or higher tournament play, no pre-alert required.
Make sure that your opponents are aware of the meanings of both initial openings and initial responses.
Something else (please comment).

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