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Advance Registration Now Open for Phoenix

At long last, our advance entry purchase for the Phoenix NABC is online!  You should see the events that we're selling entries for at the top of the main Bridge Winners page.  Click on the event you want to enter: Life Master Pairs, Blue Ribbon Pairs, or the 0-5000 Blue Ribbon Pairs.  You will now be at the event page, showing the event, past winners, and currently registered partnerships.  On this event page, click the BUY AN ENTRY button to get an entry form.  Fill out the form by selecting the players that will be playing in the event.  You can specify them by either their Bridge Winners account names, or if not a Bridge Winners member, by their name, ACBL number, and contact information (e-mail or phone).   Then, click REGISTER at the bottom of the screen.  You will be taken to a form summary page and can then pay with either Google Wallet or PayPal.  You will receive an e-mail with your seat assignment around midnight the morning of the event.  Then, all you need to do is show up at game time and we'll have your entry on your table (unseeded pairs only).  Also, if you buy your entry before Wednesday, November 27th, noon Eastern time, and associate it with a Bridge Winners convention card, we'll have two convention cards on your table as well.  

As a bonus, we're also offering online partnership desks for these events.  If you're looking for a partner, visit the event page and put your name on the partnership desk list by clicking ADD YOURSELF.

Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know:

  1. Entry sales are for Day 1 only.  If you qualify for the second or third day of these events, you will need to buy your entry directly from the ACBL.  We hope to be able to support multi-day entry purchasing in the future, but currently Day 2 qualifiers are determined at too late a time for us to handle.
  2. Players should enter their ACBL numbers and ranking in their profile.  This information is used to identify the players and ensure that they are eligible to participate in the event.  You'll see a warning if this information isn't present, so you'll have ample opportunity to do this.  You can also enter this information after you've bought the entry.
  3. You will be sent your table assignment (or seeding number) via e-mail the evening before game time, sometime around midnight. You can also receive notifications by text message if you enter your phone number in your Bridge Winners profile.  
  4. If you request a seeded entry, your table assignment will be posted at the seeding chart just prior to game time, as usual.  Since you have a seed, your table assignment won't be known until around game time, so we will send you only your seeding number electronically. You can pick up your entry from a Bridge Winners representative near the table where entries are being sold.  We will make sure this table is very easy to find!  Our representative will be available between 12:30 PM and 1:00 PM Phoenix time.
  5. After purchasing, you can withdraw from the event and receive a full refund until 7:00 PM Phoenix time, the evening before the event.  At 7PM, we will close online entry sales and send the full list of participants to the ACBL.  If after this time, you find that you are unable to play, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can let the ACBL know that you will not be playing.  You may then be able to request a refund from the ACBL.  
  6. If you would like your convention card printed and placed on your table, you must buy your entries by Wednesday, November 27th, noon Eastern time. We will be printing convention cards before we travel to Phoenix, so we will not print any convention cards for entries created after the tournament begins.  Buy early, please!
  7. There will be a service fee ($2.50/player) due to credit card transaction costs.  However, in Phoenix, we will waive this fee for anyone who has donated to us in the past.
  8. This is our first time selling entries online.  While we have tested the system extensively, there may still be a few hiccups.  Hopefully with a month between launch and the start of the tournament, we should be able to iron out any remaining issues.  We welcome your feedback on the process.


More detailed answers can be found in our Frequently Asked Questions.

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