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The ACBL has recently been pushing something called Learn Bridge in a Day (LBIAD). The San Diego unit held a LBIAD event last year and even got former ACBL CEO Roy Green to teach it. Turn out was decent. I think our unit (La Jolla) should also try it. I still need to contact Patty Tucker but as I see it, we need a venue, a teacher, and an advertising plan. We can definitely find a venue and probably get it at a discounted rate or even for free. There are many good teachers in the area, some who work well with beginners. They might do it for free but our unit can also afford to pay a bit.

I'm interested in hearing your advertising suggestions, particularly if you have run LBIAD before. This is very different from advertising for a sectional which though important to do well is formulaic (create a nice flyer, submit ad to D22 Contract Bridge Forum, distribute flyers to all the clubs, etc). I have many ideas but no clear sense of how to prioritize them. Some possibilities are specific to our unit's demographics: reach the country club, tennis, and golf set. Others are more generic: grocery store and coffee shop bulletin boards, barber shops, retirement homes. I'm probably overlooking all sorts of good ideas.

Also, if you were to pick a day of the week which would you pick? A lot of people treat Sunday as a family day or church day in San Diego so it should probably be Saturday or midweek. It's reasonable to assume we go after the retired and nearly retired on the first pass and maybe try it again, targeted at younger people.

One of our board members thinks we might be able to work something out with an adult learning program. That would probably give us a venue and a head start on the advertising. We can supply the teacher. Seems like a sensible plan to me.


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