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After the Gold Rush

Following up on comments from Ellis to  Jay in the Well 

How do we retain the desire for improvement once Life Masterhood is earned?

I fondly remember a summer camp where campers accrued awards for many different kinds of attainment with colorful postcard/plaques. I never got past the Cub Scouts to garner the merit badges in the Boy Scout hierarchy but wonder now if...

advancement in bridge could be rewarded in other ways than masterpoints which get a lot harder to earn when less experienced players graduate out of the Gold Rush.

Could a system be invented where advanced players/coaches/directors/club managers award/reward players for e.g. fine endplays, a first Vienna Coup, breaking up a squeeze, exhibiting superior sportsmanship, etc.  A "very well done" by a player I might look up to is heartening indeed, but why not create a new kind of milestone board at clubs and in the monthly bulletin?  that recognizes advancing players who are solving this "game of endless puzzles".

We need to find a way not to be trapped by a Life Master achievement endpoint, but find a way to encourage players to solve those "puzzles" and grow their game.  The teacher in Searching for Bobby Fischer conferrred Master Class points to his young prodigy.

Mid-flight events may prove to be a bridge for this gap

Ace of Clubs & Mini-McKenney are what they are

Silver, Ruby, Gold, Sapphire all well and good, but isn't the real measure of progress the recognition by your friends and peers that you are gaining a greater command of the game?

Can we find a way to recognize achievement more personally than just focusing on masterpoints?  

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