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Alan Dormer - a heartwarming return

Just under two years ago, Alan Dormer, then the head of New Zealand bridge suffered a minor stroke.

He had only been in the post for a few months but even in such a short time, he had changed the very nature of the role. NZ bridge had a man at the top who you could meet at tournaments and engage in a conversation about just anything. He personified grace and charm. He resigned from the post but the effect of his time lingered on and we have been fortunate to have found a new leader who is equally approachable.

Last weekend, Alan won a 3A rated pairs event at the Hibiscus Coast club just north of Auckland. That was his first tournament win since his medical problems and it marked his return to top performance. He finished ahead of a bunch of Gold and Silver Grand masters and a couple of NZ international reps.

I am thrilled to bits to have watched his return to the top.

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