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Alertable or not

Playing in a swiss, you hear the auction (dealer on your right) 2 (strong), pass, 2 (dbl. neg). pass; 4 pass 4 pass, 4 all pass.

The 2 bid was alerted.

At the end of the auction, the dealer and 2 bidder alerted the table that 4 was a splinter.

Should this bid have been alerted at the time it was made?  The rules do say that no alert is needed in the 2nd round of bidding if the splinter is above 3NT.  Is this situation unusual enough that it does require an alert?  (As a side note, there was no mention of splinter bids in the CC of the pair.)

No splinter bid is alertable above 3NT in the 2nd and subsequent rounds of bidding.
The bid was alertable because no suit had been established and the CC of the pair did not show them playing splinter bids.

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