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Alerting after partner has failed to alert?

In a club game, I'm the dealer and I open. I have some flat 4=3=3=3 with 13 HCP.

The auction is:

1 - (1) - 1 - (Pass)

1 - (Pass) - 1NT


After everybody passes, partner announces that I've failed to alert 1. Ah, of course. We've recently agreed to play that 1 shows 4+ spades, as a sort of transfer. Under this agreement, my 1 should show exactly 3-card support for spades.

Given my failure to alert 1, what should partner do when I bid 1? He didn't alert at the time, because he didn't want to wake me up to the fact that he'd made a transfer response.

My interpretation of the ACBL alert rules is that partner should carry on as though I acted correctly, and therefore should alert, but I understand his reluctance for the sake of the opponents. But since further damage could be caused by failing to alert 1, it seems to me that partner should alert 1 and that it's my responsibility to act properly.

Partner should alert 1 regardless of my failure to alert 1
Partner should no longer alert 1 after my failure to alert 1
1 isn't alertable anyways since it's natural (even though it shows exactly 3 spades)

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