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An apology to David Wetzel and then some

The first item on my agenda is to pay my debt and here it is.  David Wetzel, you were correct and I apologize.


I would like to publicly thank Kit for his thorough verification process and Nicolas for providing material for verification.  Also, appreciate all the countless hours so many volunteers have spent staring at the screen looking for clues.


I am devastated by the news and am glad the mud-slinging is over.  In a million years I would not believe Adam and Cezary would cheat, especially, that I didn't notice much of an improvement in their bidding.  Have others noticed anything?  They are my friends, there's no ambiguity about it and, based on everything I know about them and have observed through the years, it's still surreal that the outcome is what it is.


The biggest question is where do we go from here.  I've noticed too many posts that take the position that Poland is non grata at bridge events (this is especially true of Arno Weber).  Poland always had been well received and accepted in the world bridge community and I would hope that after this fiasco, it will continue to be welcomed at international tournaments.  Innocents are being vilified and that's just wrong.  These talented young players haven't done anything to be ostracized for.  I hope we will keep that in mind at the next tournament.


When I think about the Bermuda Bowl, I have a difficulty arriving at a conclusion.  The Polish players who played, won the title through an incredible display of talent and fortitude.  We can agree to disagree about their participation, however, since Kit announced his findings 5 weeks after this debacle began, what was WBF supposed to have done?  Accept Boye's word without verification?  And there was no time to verify anything before the championship began.

I wonder, if Poland were stripped of the gold medal, would Sweden then have won?  Would they like to have the title bestowed upon them in this manner?  Should the gold medal become vacant and champions announced with Sweden taking silver?  Would it be fair to take away the accomplishment that, by overall opinion, was won in a fair manner?


I am a very loyal friend, however, I am not a blind friend.  My posts since Boye first announced names of Fisher and Schwartz haven't wavered much, i.e. I'm still convinced that there needs to be a sentiment of fairness in the things we do.  What many have termed "mob justice" and "lynching", I would call the "prevailing mood of the masses".  We become biased based on many factors, one of which is how much faith do we have in whatever the other person is telling us.  This is where naming names without evidence doesn't work for me.

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