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An observation in Vegas - last day regional fast pairs

Sitting at the Las Vegas airport waiting for my 1:00 a.m. red eye flight back to Chicago, I thought I’d make a few observations about the last day regional Fast Pairs I played in.

24 board sessions, 8 rounds, 3 boards per round, 16 minute rounds, 5 minute break after Round 4.

1.  It’s the middle of Round 4 and on the second board an opponent takes her sweet time and we barely have 4 minutes for the last board.  Same player declares a club slam on the last board and the 2-minute warning sounds immediately followed by the Director adding 5 minutes to the clock for the break.  Now she takes 5 more minutes to go down in a slam she should make leaving my partner no chance to use the bathroom now that we have 90 seconds for the next round.

Yes, I could have called the Director, but were in the far corner of the room with no Director close by.

My issue is adding the time visibly to the clock for the break - for fast pairs, I think this is a poor Director practice to add the time on the clock before the end of the round - partly because of what happened at my table.

2.  We had three sections:  12, 11, and 11 tables which played 24 of 36, 24 of 33, and 24 of 33 boards with 8x3 movements in each section (with East-West skipping a table in the 12-table section).  This is ridiculous for a ton of reasons.  Boards 34-36 played by only one section and that section playing only 2/3 of the boards in play and the other two sections playing 8/11 of Boards 1 to 33.

(a)  we could have used a simple web movement to have only 27 boards in play (at least for the 11-table sections).

(b)  we could have used FOUR sections of 9, 9, 8, and 8 tables playing a bye stand relay (relay share) in the 8-table sections.  That would result in 24 of 24 or 24 of 27 boards played in the sections.

I find no excuse for this, especially at a national tournament.  And the second option requires only ONE more set of boards.

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