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An Open Letter to Ken Monzingo

Dear Ken,

 You and I have known each other for quite a while now, we know the subjects we agree on and those that we don't, sometimes you have even managed to convince me that your positions were correct, and I have always been sure that you had the best interests of bridge at heart.

So I feel confident that you will see this letter for what it is, a cry from the heart, and not some political game or machination.

We have all heard of the financial mess the League is in, it doesn't take much to read the balance sheet, we know what we lost on ACBL score, we know what the pensions cost and we know the CEO had a wage increase.

What I  don't understand is why I personally have to pay for this? Or why no one has actually been open and honest with the membership about it? Why the mess at the top must be paid for by a 20% increase in card fees, which absent game fee increases, will come out of small business pocket?

You claim that you represent the little people, yet I have no voice on the BOD. I don't really care if you reduce the Presidents budget, I care that an extra grand a year to the league is not small change for a 2000 table a year club.

The club owners need a voice on the BOD you need to understand the hours we put in to bridge, into lessons, into volunteering for Unit and District jobs. I am on something like 20 hours a week pro bono for bridge in my local area.

Small club owners are the backbone of the league, without them there would be no league, no CEO no pensions and no Presidents budget, listen to us,and help us, as opposed to making us pay for the BOD mistakes. Work with us to grow the league and like in any small business that growth will pay for the things we need, not tapping us till we are dry and there is nothing left to tap.

Your brother in Bridge


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