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An Open Letter to Mike Passell

Many are enjoying the Nebraska Regional this week, co-chaired by Cookie Hoberman and Jan Loftin. It's a large regional, especially for the Midwest, and is attended by many elite competitors.

Last night, my friends Cookie, Deana Liddy, Minna Lou Mercer, along with experts Steve Garner and Mike Edwards, plowed through a tough field to make it to the finals.  There, they met the squad of Mike Passell, Geoff Hampson, Joe Grue, Brad Moss and Nanette Nolan - a world class team to be sure.

People wondered how large the margin would be.  It was very small; only two IMPS.  When the final tally was in, however, Team Cookie was plus 2 and the winner!  

Cookie has poor vision, thus I am posting this for her. And, her vision issues, as you will soon see, are integral to her letter, and thank you to Mike and Nanette.  

I might add that I kibitzed at the other table, watching Brad and Joe playing against Steve and Deana.  Joe and Brad were excellent with full disclosure about their system and perfect gentlemen throughout.  Great players and super examples in all respects of how to play our game!  

Now - here's Cookie.

An Open Thank You to Mike Passell - From Cookie Hoberman 

I have Co Chaired the Nebraska Regional with Jan Loftin for over 15 years.  I have played with Mike Passell and against Mike.   

Last night we played Mike and his team in the finals of our Regional KO. 

“What were the odds???”  To quote my teammate, Deana Liddy when she called her husband… called her husband… “a miracle” just happened!  We won by 2!  And my friend Jim Nash said…”this had to be upset of the Century.”  Mike and his team were most gracious and complimentary… 


I feel compelled to share “with all” what happened in the first set against Mike and his partner Nanette Noland. 

I do not see well and have a little yellow card that requests the opponents please announce their bids and cards.  

I was down to a 3 card ending in a 4S vulnerable contract. 

 I had lost 3 tricks (I was booked)… a small trump was out… 

I had 2S and one small Club on the Board. I had 1S, the club jack (which was high) and a small club in my hand…I “thought” I played the JC and claimed… 

IN FACT…I did NOT play the jack; I pulled the small club out of my hand…thinking I had played the jack.  Mike pointed this out BUT told me he could not take advantage of my poor vision and scored the hand as making.  

Thank You Mike…



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