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An unethical behavior (in my view) happened at a regional - what should I do?

Playing in a flight A/X pairs at a regional, partner and I sit at the table of an excellent pro and his client.  Upon finishing the first board, I write the result in my score sheet (I am a left handed), but the way I write the result makes the entire left side of the sheet open for the pro to look.  I catch him staring hard at the sheet and some of my recorded boards.

The next thing I notice is the pro penciling something in his scoring sheet (which is totally blank btw - he doesn't seem to keep score) at the level of the board that he had looked at (around board 15).  I am quite sure that he is writing either the score or the contract that he glimpsed from my sheet.

I know it is my fault; I ddin't hide the result sheet better, and I don't really have a way to prove that he copied some of the results, just a strong hunch.  What are my options?

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