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An unusual outcome

photocopied piece of paper, given to me by an enthusiast of history.


“Karl Johnson was called to a table and got the following story from the declarer:

“I led a club,” he said, “and LHO followed with a club.  I threw a spade from dummy and RHO discarded a spade.  His partner sad, ”No clubs?” and RHO now produced a club”. Karl explained that the club was properly played and there was no established revoke, but the spade became a penalty card. He also explained what a penalty card was, and left.

He was called back a minute later. The declarer now stated that on the next trick, the exact same thing happened again! (this time round the card played by RHO was the A).

Karl said, “You now have two penalty cards. The declarer can tell you which one to play if you have to play a penalty card”. He paused, and added, “Maybe I better stick around to protect the declarer when the offender finally shows out of clubs”.

“Oh, I have plenty of clubs,” said the unhappy culprit, “but I’m running out of spades.”



I don't know who "I" is, in this story. Maybe you do, and maybe it will remind you of something similar.Wink

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