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An unusual personal record

Here's a hand from the club last night.

It's game all, and I hold my usual collection of filth Txxx Jxxx Jxx xx. LHO opens 1 and partner doubles. RHO passes so I calmly bid the obvious 2. LHO now bids 3 and partner goes into a long tank. The longer he thinks, the more I know he is going to do something stupid like jump to game instead of inviting. Eventually he comes out with 6. Well, I wasn't expecting that.

A is led, and partner puts down  AKQxxx AQxx AQT. Not too shabby. LHO was 6016 including KJ, so even though the  finesse lost, I came to 12 tricks.

I think this is the weakest hand I have ever held which has declared a making slam after the opponents have opened the bidding. Can anybody beat that record?

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