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Analysis and Visualization - 54th EBTC

For some time now, I have wanted to make some quality bridge analysis. Unlike other sports, bridge provides us with lot of data that have measurable and immediate effect on the outcome of the board and therefore the match. However, there always seemed to be something that came up before that.

The chance to do it came to me during this European Championship.!/vizhome/54thEuropeanBridgeTeamChampionship-Ostende2018/54thEuropeanBridgeTeamChampionship

On the link above you can find a whole set of data, visualizations, and interactive charts and graphs. Make sure you enter the full-screen mode before you start your tour (full screen button is located at the bottom right corner).

Having worked with a limited set of data, I couldn't have done any analysis based on the specific card holdings, nor for the Seniors or Women event. Hopefully this will change, once the EBL uploads the database for the Championship.

Have fun reading it and get back to me if there is any metric that is not shown, and that you would like to see. This is a new version of this project. In case you have already seen the old one, a few new metrics have been added that you might find interesting.

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