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And the 1 - 2 Jump Shift

Most of my pards and I are playing 2/1 with the 1m - 2M jump shifts reverse flannery, the 1 -2 jump shift sub-invitational 6-bagger, and the jump shifts into lower ranking suits invitational with 6-baggers.  My pards and I have a variety of ideas as to the best use of 1 - 2, including the following, in no particularly order:

1) weak - not going to do much to preempt the opps.

2) strong - not super necessary when playing 2-way checkback/XYZ, but maybe helpful if allowing opener to show 3 card support below the level of 3NT?

3) weak in either major - interesting, but can we cover the hands otherwise, and will it necessarily have preemptive value, once it's been around the table?

4) shifting one or both of our reverse flannery responses down one bid, to free up 2 or 2, but for what?

5) a fit-showing jump.

6) some other type of club raise, to refine our club raise structure.

None of these are grabbing me in a "wow, let'd do that" way.  Presumably, there are other things we haven't thought of.  Your ideas/thoughts?

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