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Announcement Question

I recall reading that a "could be short" announcement was no longer necessary if the only pattern for which a 1C opening could have fewer than 3 clubs is exactly 4=4=3=2. The Alert Chart on the ACBL website does not say this, on the other hand the chart is also undated. The pre-printed convention cards still show 0-2 NF in blue, suggesting that all 0-2 1C openings are still announceable. Does anyone know the correct rules, and if so, can a link to the official ACBL source be provided?

On a similar vein, are transfers after a NoTrump overcall announceable or alertable? The Alert chart indicates that they are, but I had always thought that the announcements applied only to NoTrump openings. On the pre-printed convention cards in the section for 1NT overcalls, "Systems On" is a checkbox in black, suggesting that transfers (and also natural calls) are neither announceable nor alertable. There is no checkbox for balancing NoTrump bids, leading one to draw the same conclusion.


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