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Announcing Percentage and Other Results on a Board in a Club Game

At the local club, Bridgemates are used and generally the options to show the board percentage and other results are enabled. I dislike doing this, but people generally like the immediate feedback even if it's erroneous. It definitely slows down the game a bit, but one advantage is that it helps spot incorrectly-entered scores before the game ends.

Anyway, upon finishing a board in which east-west went down 2 in 6 which was obviously a bad score, west accepts the score and hits OK to get through the percentage and results and the round summary. West then stands up to move to the next round (or to discuss the disaster away from everyone, since there was time left in the round. North picks up the Bridgemate and sees it was moved to the next round so asks west what was the percentage of the previous board. West replies, "What the heck do you think it was?" and continues walking. North retorts, "Don't start that with me." No other communication about this took place, but how do you feel about the two behaviors here?

Both were out of line - west has an obligation to let north see the % and other results, but north shouldn't ask since it was obviously a bad score for his opps
North is out of line but west's behavior is fine - everyone knows it's basically a zero for EW and moving away from the table to discuss is good.
West is out of line - even if he has no interest in seeing the results, he should leave the bridgemate so that NS can.
Both players acted sensibly.

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