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Another Bridge Winners informal gathering -- Wed Eve July 27

Another Bridge Winners informal gathering -- Wed Eve July 27

"I was unable to show last Sunday.

Hope some were. I haven't had a chance to see any of you YET other than Jeff.

Whatever, now or later, hope we can do so."

So let's go for this evening! We have a time and place (see immediately below) -- now all we need is some BW people.


Enjoy music today by Vocal Point!

Great songs, comedy, and style. Vocal Point has all these things and more!

Come hear Bob Hurka and Julia Misslin (one of the Gatlinburg Regional Co-Chairs) perform an evening of duets. Their music ranges from 40’s boogie-woogie, to bebop, rockabilly, novelty songs, Sinatra, country ballads, and show tunes. The two experienced entertainers truly rock!

Thurgood Marshall Foyer, Mezzanine Level.

Food Macaroni and CheeseThurgood Marshall Foyer, Mezzanine Level.



Come early, come late, no matter! Open the door to the Thurgood Marshall room, look inside, and find some Bridge Winners people (maybe; for some of us locals not staying at the hotel we might have already gone home).

NOTE: The Thurgood Marshall Room may be divided; if you see no one inside head on around the room and try another door.  And if for some reason it's locked, look for us out there in the foyer, probably away from the music.

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