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Another follow-up to the Well

At the time Jeff Meckstroth was "In the Well" I was on holiday and after coming back the discussion was closed. I feel that I have to react to a remark he made on restrictions: "Back in the 80's some guys were playing forcing pass with fertilizer bids at 1 level. These created complete havoc. Bobby Wolff did great work in both ACBL and WBF to get these destructive methods banned."

Stating that Regres is a destructive system is - pardon me for saying this so clear - utter nonsense. That Regres is hard to defend against is another point entirely, but Regres was never meant to be a destructive system. People are not prepared because of it's an unfamiliar system. But the same can be said for the 1-fert in Precision or the Multi-2 at the time they were invented. Do we need a regulation that you can open 1 with 3+ unless it is (one of) your strong opening(s)? Should we ban Multi because there is no anchor suit?

Even though Precision is no longer an unfamiliar system and Multi is even older, I dare say that at the club level only few pairs have a dedicated defense. Would you call Precision a destructive system? Is Multi a destructive convention?

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