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Another husband-wife story by Eddie Kantar

This couple is playing rubber bridge against another couple and the husband is getting angrier and angrier at how his wife is playing. At last he reduces her to tears and she excuses herself and goes to the ladie's room to reorganize.

As they are waiting for her to return, the husband says, " Let's deal another hand and I will bid her cards face down. It won't matter, because I never know what she has anyway. The other couple agrees reluctantly. The husband deals and opens 1. The next player passes and he bids 2 for his wife. When his right hand opponent passes, he tries 3 passed around to his wife who still has not returned. He thinks awhile and bids 4 ending the bidding.

The opening lead is made and he observes aloud, "This is the best contract I've been in all evening." He begins to play the hand and ultimately it comes down to a finesse. Just as he takes the losing finesse, his wife returns determined to finish the game. He looks at her and says, "You had to bid 4, didn't you?"

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