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Another Ruling Question

Playing in an OKB Tournament:

I opened 2D (flannery) in 3rd seat.  I hit "OK+ Alert" then proceeded to type an explaination to the opponents.  About the same time I hit send (5 sec, as stated by the director later) my LHO bid 2S. The auction proceeded pass (partner), a 15 sec or so pause pass (RHO) and pass by me.  About the time dummy came down LHO said "STOP" and called the director.  He said I did not type my explanation in the alert box (I have never seen anyone do this, in fact, I am happy if they even alert so I can ask).  The board was cancelled (skipped, no score assigned).  My question is:  Is this the right ruling?  If not what should it be?


Director was right
The hand should be played in 2S; he clearly did not take 10 seconds to pause over a skip bid nor did he ask, he gets what he deserves
Who cares? This is just a 12 board on-line tournament that is meaningless.

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