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Another Thank You

I much appreciated Todd Holes' post thanking the many contributors to the success of the Lyon tournament.  Yet, I have another group to which I would like to extend my thanks:  the players. 

From the start of when I first began to attend tournaments, unlike some, I always enjoyed kibitzing top level players. Not only was it fun and exciting to watch them - I also learned a huge amount about the game. While my abilities are simply not in the same ballpark as the best players, I nevertheless realized early on that these people do not have "monopolies" on the plays and bids that they make. So, as much as I was able, I would watch, make mental notes - then try to emulate as much as I could of what worked for them.

Many of the Bermuda Bowl matches in particular were quite thrilling - especially, of course, the last day of the finals.  So, my thanks to those who were there, showing us both the magic that world class competitors can perform. And also, demonstrating that even the best of the best sometimes err - so, we lesser beings should not be too tough on ourselves when we fall from grace.

A stupendous show; thank you!

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